Feb 28, 2015

project 365: days 32-41

Saturday, February 28, 2015 Posted by Stephanie from Alohallo , , No comments
32: Couldn't say no to those plants in pot from Costco.

33: In love with it and found a place for it.

34: Have to admit, I missed shooting a picture on that Day :(

35: Infinity water! Once pinterested for fresh water with favor and found 'infinity' water, awesome for hot days.

36: Sometimes I don't bring my camera with me and still need to do a picture every day, so took a picture at home. The Manhattan poster was bought from IKEA long time ago.

37: Punahou Carnival!!! One of my fav event yearly!

38: Went to White Plain to surf! One of most mellow spots!

39: Surf Sunday with Misella and Wynn! Westside, Pililau - Army Spot.

40: One of limited editions from IKEA, the BrĂ¥kig boxes. Have pillows also.

41: POW WOW HAWAII 2015 begins! A painted wall from 2014, love the cute fruits! Unfortunately this wall is covered by different painting today. Was delighted to know that French artist Fafi participated in POW WOW 2015 and had chance to let her signed my Graffiti Women Book!

42: My Red Bike!

43: Again my red bike! It has been modeling for me at POW WOW!

44: Bought this cute mint Daisy flowers tank top from Store Zumez for $5!


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