May 30, 2014

world travel: Fusion Hotel Prague

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Last January I took my boyfriend to Prague for his 26th Birthday. Prague is only approx. 4 hours far away from my city, a great choice for short city trip. Have a passion for sleeping in fancy and designed hostels or hotels. Researched for stylish place to sleep in Prague online and found Fusion Hotel Prague and was happy with affordable price. 

They really have good taste in art
a wrapped gift for my boyfriend
Restaurant Epopey
My dessert at Restaurant Epopey
Breakfast in Restaurant Epopey
Our fancy bathroom

As a world traveler, I most cannot afford hotels. Was so happy to see the price and interior designs of hotels online. Booked a room called Xtensive Room which has a big bed, suitable for a group or family. Really great place for pillow fight! Only about 10 minutes walk from central station, hotel's located in perfect place. Easy to get to old town, has good numbers of trams. 

We were very impressive when went inside the hotel. The staff was so friendly and guided us to our room. Fell in love with art on wall in our room, wish knew the name of artist. Our bathroom has cool atmosphere because of purple wall. The window is so high and had beautiful view of another nobility hotel. 

There're restaurant, bar and soup restaurant inside the hotel. We loved the rotatable bar called 360° Lounge & Bar, dinner menus from Restaurant Epopey and delicious warm tea from Soup in the City during snowfalls (we should have had the soups). Breakfast was the champ! 

more about our trip in Prague, will write another time.

Check out the links of Fusion Hotel Prague:

May 28, 2014

shopping: Bloomhawaii

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At Honolulu Night Market in May saw a bunch of beautiful plants with pots and was so inspired. I always love getting to know shops & people those I admire & have stuffs from. 

After the event asked Elisha from Bloom Hawaii via email if can write a post about her. She was happy to work with me and sponsors me with a plant in a shell! I'm exciting to have it, promise gonna take a picture of it. So here you've chance to get to know about her & Bloom Hawaii more. 

The owner of Bloom Hawaii Elisha Hunter, born and raised in Honolulu, O'ahu, recently started her shop in February 2014. How did she have idea of the beautiful name for her shop, her answer is simply beautiful: "Bloom was a cute name that seemed to match with the concept", isn't it?

Her passions are succulents & design and she likes recreating gardening into something more than what people normally see. Since she's also obsessed with style and fashion, her goal is to fuse gardening and style.

She wants every single piece she sells to be something that she would put in her home or use at a wedding or party. (P.S.: I really wanna have those plants for my wedding)

Currently she's doing craft fairs and events like the Honolulu Night Market. As soon as she's confirmed for an event, she updates her Instagram and gets the word out. Don't forget to follow her on Instagram.

Events only? No worries, you can do custom orders! You can contact her via email.

May 21, 2014

world travel: Another Day in North Shore

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Went to North Shore last Sunday with friends. Boys went to dive and catch fishes, they got a fish and a tako (Hawaiian for octopus). Kiyo and I went hunting shells at a spot, have never seen best shells before. Were so exciting to get a lot of awesome shells. 

It was really a beautiful Sunday even I got sunburn (hope I finally learned my list this time). 

here all found shells by me! 
View of Keiki Beach

Found a piece of flower while snorkeling.
Boys were hunting fish and tako (octopus). 
love my all swatch watches which are water resistant 

diving through caves of underwater
an underwater selfie 

May 19, 2014

Honolulu Night Market 05/14

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When I'm in Hawai'i, I regularly attend event Honolulu Night Market monthly. It's one of my fav events in Honolulu. It's in Kaka'ako where you will find lots of good paintings on buildings. Pretty colorful vibes you will feel there and find a lot of good stuffs, arts, clothes, accessories, foods and many more. This event is very family friendly, I always see good numbers of kids. Noticed this event becomes crowded, more popular than before. If you are looking for gifts, you'll guaranteed find good stuffs in this market. Took some photos, enjoy taking looks into photos:

by Gillia
Artworks by welzie - last year Trey and I bought an artwork from him 

fancy plants by bloom. would love to get all of those.

May 15, 2014

world travel: Salem, Oregon

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Bag: Billabong (borrowed from sis) • Sandals: Ross • Passport Cover: bought in Bangkok/Thailand • Cosmetic Bag (Triangles): Micu
Last weekend was in Salem, Oregon. Salem is one of American small towns those I always wanted to see for real instead in movies. Salem has more population than my hometown even feel it's more smaller. The campus of Willamette University looks so "royal" to me ... everything is so nice, green and flourish. Took some photos with extraordinary prespectives (typical of me).
 Over San Francisco - my eyes met Golden Gate Bridge.
one of best designed cards ever seen (makes us giggling) 

a pretty cool name for this store
a gift from my boyfriend to her sis - more about his work here
Thanks for weekend, Salem. back to Hawai'i
Have visited about 10 states, Oregon is probably most green and cleanest state in United States. See you later or probably Good Bye, Oregon.

May 12, 2014

project: a graduation gift

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This month my boyfriend's sis Lizzy graduated her BA at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. Was looking for extraordinary gift (photo album). Admit, was in last minute also. 

Went to Ben Franklin Crafts and looked for photo album. Saw those Project Life by Becky Higgins on shelf, it was familiar to me. Saw it once on a post from Instagram from an Australian friend. I knew it was the best gift ever and decided to buy it without doubt.

You can read more about Project Life here. Really recommend to get it for yourself or as a gift for lifetime memories!