May 15, 2011

closet: vintage dress

Sunday, May 15, 2011 Posted by Stephanie from Alohallo , 1 comment

lucky me found that beautiful top when I was exchanging a dress at a shop n found it. but didn't have enough money... at home it was in my mind all time, almost one week later I decided to buy it. it's definitely my most fav part from my wardrobe. here took a pic of me with new top. the printed fabric looks so beautiful, just an inspiration.

May 14, 2011

pictures: portraits

Saturday, May 14, 2011 Posted by Stephanie from Alohallo , No comments
melissa n natalie are the sisters n the daughters of my dad’s girlfriend. once have babysit them n now they not babies anymore. they re beauties n know their own styles. wanted to try some effects in photoshop n decided to steal those lovely pics. so here are the results for those edited photos! hope u love them.

shopping: Fabrics

Saturday, May 14, 2011 Posted by Stephanie from Alohallo , , No comments

There were millions of fabrics in market but i still created to find some awesome fabrics. 
in the middle above and below both gonna live in living room! the above one will be curtain, it was a big decision to buy it cuz it wasnt cheap… did a deal with handler. bought it for 62€ instead of 72€.  i considered long n compared with fabrics of ikea… but it was just a must-have so that decided for it! the below one gonna be for my couch! the rest of them gonna be pillows for my bedroom!

shopping: Flea Market

Saturday, May 14, 2011 Posted by Stephanie from Alohallo , No comments

i think i am falling in love with my home soon… i am planning to refresh my home. before refreshing i bought accessoires for my home. yesterday there was traditional fleamarket in n├╝rnberg… found awesome vintage stuffs:
1. radio: 18€ instead of 25€ - it has beautiful wood and i knew its for my living room
2. two vintage-postcards: 5€ instead of 6€ - will put them in wall of either bedroom or living room
3. orange lamp: 17€ instead of 20€ - it reminds me of old james bond movies. that lamp gonna be my office-lamp one! will buy a desk (vika gruvan) for my office soon. i believe vika n that lamp gonna love each other.
4. green watch: 5€ - why i bought it cos it has a bit geometry of rectangle so i gonna put it in a wall with a lot of frames!
5. 2 knobs: 11€ instead of 15€ - i got a beautiful country storage n gonna paint it… it needs knobs.
what do you think of them? i really love them! cannot wait to put them on right places.