Alohallo! I'm Stephanie. I'm a blogger whose goals in life are to explore the world, learn about everything that interests me. Recently moved to Honolulu, Hawaii from my beautiful home Europe. I have been traveling world for fourteen months, it was one of richest lifetime experience.

On some days you can find me exploring Honolulu, surfing my longboard around South Shore, drinking coffee in a CafĂ©, being under water with my man or taking photos of Honolulu for Peek A Boo Honolulu with my equipments. I am almost a loyal attender of my two favorite events Honolulu Night Market and Art and Flea

I collect unique earrings, watches by swatch, free printable papers, and guide books by Lonely Planet. I'm passionate about coffee from real espresso machine, hunting for inspirations from pinterest, drawing illustrators on computers, photography, do-it-yourself-things, and finding good paleo receipts.I'm obsessed with geometric patters, letters, decorating home and writing notes.

My portfolio can be checked out: www.stephaniesteinlein.com