Jun 14, 2011

world travel: to-do-list

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 Posted by Stephanie from Alohallo 2 comments
6 months to go until I'll be on islands, Hawaiian islands and follow my best friend Krissy's wedding! now its little hard to realize that I'm going to be on their islands soon. My great friends M&M, with whom I gonna travel around in California after Hawaii, have made my day yesterday and me to realize more that the things with Hawaii gonna be happened. They both sent a cute card and wrote how they're looking forward to sharing time in Cali with me - we gonna do roadtrip. From days to days the things will make me realize that its for real! Few days ago I have ordered guidebooks 'Hawaii' and 'Califorina Trip' from Lonely Planet, few weeks ago booked tickets and ordered new passports. And there are more to-do's before travel, I love to prepare for it. Here I would love to share to-do's:

- book tickets
- order passport
- buy guidebooks 'Hawaii' & 'California Trip'
- read the guidebooks!
- help best friend Krissy for preparations for her wedding in Honoulu
- try the bridesmaid-dress
- find a nice shoes or flipflops for bridesmaid-dress
- new bikini for Hawaii
- keep in touch with people who I know from Hawaii / Cali
- apply international driving lisence (Marte has to do it too)
- get along with my canon eos more cuz gonna shot pics for Krissy & Kevin the day before wedding 'engaged-couple-project'
- check all cool spots and surf/skate-shops out
- apply eta-visa online
- bring a receipt for muffins for xmas with M&M! (case of emergency: address of good muffin's store)
- bring small xmas-gifts
- ...

it gonna be a long list - will update it later.

Here an illustrator, I heart it so much - on first sight I always love that. And now its a perfect moment to put it to that post cuz that lil girl got flower on her head which I gonna wear some flower on my head at Krissy's wedding. She got summer-dress and flipflops... perfect style for Hawaii! And a photograph in her hands, yes! I gonna take A LOT of pictures... Maria does too, I know!

Jun 5, 2011

project: turquoise cupcakes

Sunday, June 05, 2011 Posted by Stephanie from Alohallo , 1 comment

yesterday when got home and my to-do was making cupcakes! colorful cupcakes. dave came to my house n i asked him for helping me to bake cupcakes. we baked them... decorate them. we are falling in love with them! they have pieces of famous chocolat raffaelo... we definitely wanna make cupcakes again!