Jun 8, 2012

world travel: errands

Friday, June 08, 2012 Posted by Stephanie from Alohallo No comments

It's summer here even don't feel it. It's rainy and temperature's up n down. But I'm sure, in next days it gonna be hot summer n we all can gonna swim n be sun kissed!

Time is running, countdowning, flying ... decisions, results, errands and many more are upcoming.

Last Tuesday got result of written exam, didn't expect I got fantastic grades! Was overwhelmed and I'm still because it makes my plan (after my trainee) more realized. But it isn't finished yet, two exams are still coming: a ten days-project exam n another one (short one). Last two weeks have been focusing on practical things: wrote 20-pages concept for a website and then realized a website in html with css from concept. A good practice for upcoming project! I'm crossing fingers, will have awesome ideas for project. Next Tuesday it'll start.

Beside exams, I'm busy also ... painting plans in my mind what I gonna do after summer. One thing is for sure: to be away from Europe for a while and spend more time with my aloha, Trey! A gap year! Destination has been blurry ... Southeast Asia, Southern America, Australia, New Zealand ... Hawaii ... the decision still depends on exams and time ... For sure destinations New Zealand and Australia won't be crossed out, the question is point of time. Hawaii seems to be first destination.

Just see world and give my body, soul, mind n heart time and happiness. What I wanna do in next steps are taste a new lifestyle, kinda non-european lifestyle. I'm curious to join some new lifestyle which Europe doesn't have, it probably sounds little weird. I try to interpret my mind ... wanna to join a place where doesn't have many of metropolises around, less trains or metros, European food, old beautiful buildings in European style, our philosophies. 

Long time ago every summer my parents and I explored different countries (in Europe only) with our caravans for less or more one month ... have been to many places in countries. Also backpacked around with friends on own lots. Visited around 30 countries in (geography) Europe .. Three years ago have been outside of Europe for first time, it was United States of America. Not a big experience but somehow learned their culture, attitudes and thoughts lots and looked back to my culture. Few years later visited Hawaii n West Side of usa. From those places can see different lifestyles. I think because NYC is a metropolis like London, Paris, Amsterdam or Berlin ... Hawaii hits me lots with its lifestyle, food, nature, ... It makes me curious also. Cali was so different also.

Gap year for me it shouldn't be travelling only, wanna work or volunteer also. I think travelling all time might be boring. Maybe I might be wrong. But for sure wanna make my gap year awesome and it gonna be! Wanna spend more time in ocean with surfboards also, surfing is fun! It doesn't cost, just need to buy a surfboard ... surfing in ocean is free (compare to my passions biking and snowboarding, I have to pay lift tickets and pistes or trails).

Took pictures and wrote also what I have been preparing n doing before my gap year ...