Feb 6, 2015

peek a boo: dole cannery

Friday, February 06, 2015 Posted by Stephanie from Alohallo , , No comments
Last Monday Trey had an appointment in Dole Cannery, came with him because was curious about this place. Had one hour time with my camera and checked that place out.

That picture makes me thinking how the industrial is changing.

I love having coffees in the mornings. Found a Cafe which I thought it was an Italian Cafe at first. Got latte and talked to the woman who worked in that Cafe. Asked if she is from Italy, she said France! Well, I forgot French already and mention right now that '-nois' is typical French. She lives in Hawaii, since 29 years. Wondered if she misses Europe like me and she nodded! I told her I miss European foods, she smiled and said the food here is too greasy. Feel little home in that Cafe.

It reminds me lots of move Gatsby with Leo.

A bit Yellow!


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