Jan 18, 2015

project 365: days 8-17

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8: striped day! my another favorite scarf made by my good friend Raluca. Will post about her business one day.

9: night out - we went to play pool with friends and decided to take some night photos on the roof of the building. Coolest thing I found in that place is a vintage scale.

10: Finally went to camp in North Shore, in our car which has a name 'Blitz' (thunder in German). We live in South Shore where the sky isn't so clear like in North Shore. Was fantasied by endless stars and milk ways and practiced the night shootings. Here my most favorite night shooting from North Shore:

11: in the early morning before surf session for Trey.

12: Had a meeting in Downtown. Went to Fresh Cafe and had a tea and love their cool font lightings. There are two Fresh Cafes in Honolulu, one on Queen Street and another one in Downtown. They are coolest cafes in town!

13: Some shooting from our home: the desk lamp bought from Target, the mustache man from Danish Furniture Store Bolia and an original polarid photo of my parents.

14: Wednesday Babysitting, Lionel brought his Play-Doh and I decided to made the number fourteen.

15: At an office in Downtown.

16: After work explored Downtown a little. Have more photos, will share a post in next days. Stay tuned!

17: Was sick but Trey didn't wanna see me on couch all day, he took me to Hawaii's Bike Festival and I was so exciting to see cool bikes and the tracks! Met Shayna and she let me to ride her 24" BMX. Considering to join bmx sessions.

Jan 7, 2015

project 365: days 1-7

Wednesday, January 07, 2015 Posted by Stephanie from Alohallo 2 comments
1: Happy New Year! was playing around with my camera during fireworks at Ala Moana Beach.

2: well I made the goals for 2015 little late, so the 365 project started from January 3. Didn't take a picture on Jan 2 but have an iPhone picture (I got a parcel from my good friend, got two bags and three scarves!)

3: We went shopping and after that had dinner at a Ramen Restaurant. Bought four sale books (not Korea one)

4: at the night I noticed I forgot to do the 365 project, grabbed my camera and love the result:

5: doing some diy, the metal stamping jewelry. so much fun! need to order more blank metal tags.

6: went to Kaneohe with mother in law and checked the house for wedding party out

7: Wednesdays I'm a babysitter. Trey wanted to surf in Westside, so I took Lionel with us. Beach Day with big swells but sad Trey's board didn't survive but proud of him that he caught big waves

Jan 5, 2015

peek a boo: honolulu vs night

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During Advent Calendar Days I and my man were doing to give a wish every day, on one day it was my turn to name a wish: to take a small trip to hill and enjoy the night view of City. After dinner we drove to the hill, it was little chilling outside which really makes me so happy because I'm not a summer person.

Of course haven't forgotten my camera and tripod. Took photos on the top of our car because there were a lot of tourists on the hill and blocked my view. Was experimenting the night shooting also and always notice I need to practice on it more but here some photos:

Can you spot the Diamond Head? Peek A Boo Diamond Head!

In collaboration with Trey Balding Photography clutches - will post more about it soon. If you are interested in buying a clutch, please email me here.

wish list: number two

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We're looking for a lamp for our nightstand, have been hunting for pineapple lamp. Couldn't find one that looks much better than this, its my favorite:

pineapple lamp by don't disturb this groove
Some plants in our apartment would do good to me, will get some terrarium plant one day!

by Jechory Glass Designs
Always want to have a wave ring, add one more ring to my rings collection:

by Hana Maui Creations
Last month when running into Kahala Mall and my eyes caught those beautiful pattern and cannot avoid look at those bags by Jana Lam. The cactus and pineapple pattern are my favorite but still have hard time to decide for one!

clutches by Jana Lam
Currently looking for large poster for our living room which is still little empty. Was thinking of a black or dark poster that relates to space, universe, science or astronomy. Here are my favorites:

Illustrated Constellation Chart Of The Northern Hemisphere - Glow In The Dark Screenprint by bombsfall

Large Canvas School Science Chart by Gritty City Goods
Need a shutter releaser for my camera so bad, still researching about it. I think it will be the first thing that I gonna get from this wish list!

Jan 4, 2015

peek a boo: Chinese Cemetery of Manoa Valley

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When was babysitting Little Lionel, decided to take him to Manoa Valley where I dream of living in the future in. Before heading to Valley, checked Google Map and spotted the Playground and saw the Chinese Cemetery which is close to Playground.

Actually never found the Playground but spotted the Cemetery easily. I know it may be not usually for everyone just to do a trip to cemetery. I was really curious what the difference between American and Chinese Cemetery is.

I am still not sure what is the difference between American and Chinese Cemetery is because I never visit American one. Well I'm from Germany and just moved to Hawaii. Here I can tell the differences between German and Chinese Cemetery are: Germans are over-decorated/structured with flowers and plants and the last names are not overseen.

The highlight of visiting the cemetery was the view of skyline of Honolulu. We enjoyed the look of the beautiful skyline of Honolulu with the valley from the hill.