Feb 28, 2015

project 365: days 42-55

Saturday, February 28, 2015 Posted by Stephanie from Alohallo , , No comments
45: Honolulu Night Market features POW WOW HAWAII 2015 // Valentines Day!

46: Oh no, I am bad with 365 project - forgive me!

47: Grandma Dog and her twin sister celebrated their 80th birthday together!

48: A bunch of glittery letters sent out!

49: Our apartment outside! Orange x Mint! Those are living and bed rooms windows.

50: Parking area of our apartment, we have a D!

51: My wasabi tapes collection! 

52: After interview at Forever21, bought this cute porcelain bear for $3.99! 

53: Windward Side! Its Eastside of Oahu!

54: Another view from our apartment


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