Apr 2, 2013

world travel: New Zealand (and a bit of Melbourne)

Tuesday, April 02, 2013 Posted by Stephanie from Alohallo , 2 comments
When flying to Aotearoa from Melbourne the baby Otis, son of my friend Van, was born ... was actually hoping to see baby before leaving Australia but will meet baby still this year :) in March stayed in Auckland mostly at friend Michelle who welcomes me to New Zealand with big heart :) lucky have her and enjoy being her roomie.

Visited Wellington for Deaf View 3 (conference) for four or five days and went to Kawau Island for weekend, too.

Michelle took me and Zac to surf village (not sure if its a village or town) Piha where I swam in New Zealand’s water for first time. There were some waves, small waves and feel completely different than Hawaiians.

At a Thursday I and Michelle took a small trip to Raglan, surf town, where I surfed in wetsuit and outside of Hawai’i for first time. There’re main spots in Raglan, at a beach there’s trailer which has surfboards & wetsuits for rental. Lucky a man was nice and I paid $ 20 (NZ Dollar) only for 8’0’’ board plus wetsuit for 3-4 hrs. There were mostly 3 ft waves, fun size and my experience in wetsuit: it really keeps me warm but my arms were little “stuck” when paddling ... didn’t feel free and very flexible to surf in wetsuit but had fun. Caught like four waves for one hour. Then went to Raglan for lunch, Raglan's a cute town! Visited bridal waterfall, 10 mins walk from parking lot to waterfall (!), really great place to relax your mind. After visiting waterfall drove to Te Aroha (means Aloha but in Māori language) to visit Michelle’s old school friend and his family. He got 3 kids, a cat, a frog, a butterfly, a lot of fishes, two vintage cars and mint green with turquoise house! In this evening we made homemade pizzas and let them stone-baked (selfmade!). It was amazing to be out of Auckland and surf again, it made me so happy.

Right now I’m traveling alone, at the moment in New Plymouth for 5 days. There’s ASP women’s world tour contest, fourth stop, at Fitzroy beach. Today the contest should start but it's a layday :(

Yesterday in the morning when wanted to get a latte and was in doubt if should get coffee from Starbucks or a local café. Decided for Starbucks cos it was cheaper and saw Coco Ho there for first time. She looks exactly same in pictures.

Later at Fitzroy beach where there was Surf contest (NZ Women Open) saw Alana in orange wetsuit. Later in the eve I decided to ride bike at costal walkway passed Fitzroy beach and just wanted to see waves. Met Carissa there and she does remember me :)

A fact: there’s famous surf highway 45 in New Zealand. Actually was planning to rent a car and drive on highway 45 along to Wellington but bad news is there’re no rental cars available :( struggled to find another way for see beaches, waves, surf spots, town, villages around highway 45. Bus services on highway 45 run on Fridays only :( seems I have to take bus to Wellington and miss that opportunity. Probably will stop by Hawera where is last stop of H45 before heading to Wellington.

Next days I’m planning to stay in Wellington for one week maybe then hopping to Te Wai Pounamou (Southern Island) ... for one month then back to Auckland for more than one week before heading back to my another home Hawai’i!

Will keep updating! Love from New Plymouth!