Feb 4, 2015

project 365: days 18-31

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18: Bridal Expo (photo missing, will post soon!)

19: another work day in downtown: 

20: Ryan's Birthday at Real a Gastropub

21: Trey's Birthday! We went to Westside and after that to Legislative Reference Library, was amazed by their architecture:

22: a small shopping evening with my man:

24: one of my favorite handmade necklaces:

25: Sunday's BBQ at McDonnells

26: Had to share an amazing sketch book 1000 Dot-to-Dot Cities by Thomas Pavitte, bought it at Costco few months ago:

27: another working day and here my new iPhone:

28: a sneak peek from our tv room, our favorite art pieces from ilikemaps (we have maps of Munich, Honolulu and Tokyo):

29: Art and Flea Market, our favorite monthly event! Love the new graffitis in their building!

30: Was inspired by Sara Mccloskey works and felt like to draw:

31: Were invited to a party in Kaneohe, love the climate and view in Kaneohe so much: 


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