May 7, 2014

shopping: etsy

Wednesday, May 07, 2014 Posted by Stephanie from Alohallo , , 2 comments
Who don't love Etsy. Have purchased some items from Etsy for myself and friends. Believe me, stuffs from Etsy will make you feel unique, prettier and special. You won't see same stuffs when you wear & carry them outside, that makes you being unique. Wanna introduce the items those I've purchased:

Flare-Sleeve Dress by Cassandra Rull - the designer Cassandra is one of my fav designers from Hawai'i. I love wearing this dress because its so stretch and comfortable. Have never seen such dress before. Especially it has my fav color mint with combination of red and white. 

Cool camera strap in jeans fabric by QueenieDIY. My canon's my great partner for daily life and I'm spoiling my camera with a new strap!

Money is raining! Faithonearth makes bunch of pretty wallets with cool fabrics! Purchased it for sister of my boyfriend for her birthday (or x-mas).

Pamperedpaparazzi cares about your cameras! I hate camera bags and was looking for something. Until I found this item, it makes my life easier. A friend gave me it for my birthday and decided to buy another one for a friend.

Another camera strap by PugAndPonyShow for my best friend for her birthday! Love the color and especially small bag for cap (you may never lose your cap ever again!).

A perfect poster by Rob Osborne for my boyfriend! He's so crazy about Japan, Manga and Surfing. Simply perfect for him. Bought the poster for him for x-mas.

MercyandRuthHandbags: Cuter than a basket and twice as handy. This convertible clutch attaches to your bicycle handlebars or rack while you ride, and with an attachable strap, becomes a stylish purse for those off-the-bike moments. Bought it for a close friend for her birthday (when she bought a bike recently).

Notes: all images are by sellers who posted them in their shops in Etsy


  1. I love finding cool shops on Etsy! :)

    1. Yeah! Anyway I'm following your blog on bloglovin, your blog is beautiful :) love from hawaii!