May 6, 2014

under water: Mermaid

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When got back to Hawai'i, Trey was super exciting to play with his camera housing by Aquatech. We went to China Wall and took some photos and was trying to be a little mermaid. All photos credit to Trey Balding

Lucky have this beautiful ombré shirt from Kleider Kreisel (its a German platform for selling & trading clothes without any fee). United States does have this app too but has another name: vinted.

Got new bikini also, from H&M for $18. Love the design of bikini, looks like a lot of tapes/bandages around on it. 

I'm proud to own lime/apple green fins by DaFin which was developed by a lifeguard Andy Cochran, an Aussie who has made Hawai'i his home for the past 35 years. 


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