May 9, 2014

world travel: Reykjavik

Friday, May 09, 2014 Posted by Stephanie from Alohallo , , , 2 comments
Topic 'world travel' is my regularly posts :) here it's about the capital of Iceland. Have been to a lot of different capitals but Reykjavik is pretty different and SO colorful! You gonna feel so home in Reykjavik because of their colors, architects, arts and designs. Took some pictures from the top of the church. 

The golden things on the top are glitter metals! They are glittering by sun and moving by wind ... probably most attention wall in the whole city. 

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  1. i recently visited iceland too, i fell in love with it! its such a beautiful place! i'd love it if youd comment back xx

    1. Mahalo (Thanks) for comment <3 love ur blog, I'm following you on bloglovin! Love