May 28, 2014

shopping: Bloomhawaii

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At Honolulu Night Market in May saw a bunch of beautiful plants with pots and was so inspired. I always love getting to know shops & people those I admire & have stuffs from. 

After the event asked Elisha from Bloom Hawaii via email if can write a post about her. She was happy to work with me and sponsors me with a plant in a shell! I'm exciting to have it, promise gonna take a picture of it. So here you've chance to get to know about her & Bloom Hawaii more. 

The owner of Bloom Hawaii Elisha Hunter, born and raised in Honolulu, O'ahu, recently started her shop in February 2014. How did she have idea of the beautiful name for her shop, her answer is simply beautiful: "Bloom was a cute name that seemed to match with the concept", isn't it?

Her passions are succulents & design and she likes recreating gardening into something more than what people normally see. Since she's also obsessed with style and fashion, her goal is to fuse gardening and style.

She wants every single piece she sells to be something that she would put in her home or use at a wedding or party. (P.S.: I really wanna have those plants for my wedding)

Currently she's doing craft fairs and events like the Honolulu Night Market. As soon as she's confirmed for an event, she updates her Instagram and gets the word out. Don't forget to follow her on Instagram.

Events only? No worries, you can do custom orders! You can contact her via email.


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