May 15, 2014

world travel: Salem, Oregon

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Bag: Billabong (borrowed from sis) • Sandals: Ross • Passport Cover: bought in Bangkok/Thailand • Cosmetic Bag (Triangles): Micu
Last weekend was in Salem, Oregon. Salem is one of American small towns those I always wanted to see for real instead in movies. Salem has more population than my hometown even feel it's more smaller. The campus of Willamette University looks so "royal" to me ... everything is so nice, green and flourish. Took some photos with extraordinary prespectives (typical of me).
 Over San Francisco - my eyes met Golden Gate Bridge.
one of best designed cards ever seen (makes us giggling) 

a pretty cool name for this store
a gift from my boyfriend to her sis - more about his work here
Thanks for weekend, Salem. back to Hawai'i
Have visited about 10 states, Oregon is probably most green and cleanest state in United States. See you later or probably Good Bye, Oregon.


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