Oct 18, 2012

world travel: days in North Shore

Thursday, October 18, 2012 Posted by Stephanie from Alohallo , , , No comments

hiiii ... here just wanna write a little message. found out, i am lazy at posting :D prefer being outside lots n seems other things make me attracting to them. but here let u guys know that i am doing great n enjoying life here. i try to surf more, every day ... been out of city for two days, was in north shore with trey. kinda two "holidays" :))) delicious foods, fun, swim, snorkel, taking photos, film, curise around, walk, watch sunset, nap, more ... decide to post some good pics from north shore here.

18 days left til i will leave here for asia! time flies faster than i thought. halloween is coming, i am so exciting! have my costume :D guess probably best costume ever i have. will paint trey's surfboard also, prepare for asia. some friends wondered me abt my foot, oh yes i can surf again!!! lucky can go surfing after one instead of two weeks! will try to post before asia!


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