Sep 17, 2012

world travel: $104.08

Monday, September 17, 2012 Posted by Stephanie from Alohallo 1 comment

That amount I need to pay for my foot. first I can say that lucky it didn't happen worse than this ... but it's frustrated to have to rest at home for around two weeks depends on progress of cure. Ysd there was deaf heat at surf contest at Kewalo. went there for filming contest but deaf heat started early so that I missed filming heat. There met ppl and a nice hearing girl named Melinda who moved to Hawaii from Mainland and her boyfriend is deaf. Somehow she asked me if i surf ... I do but my board was at apt at this time. She got idea that she would drive me to apt for picking my board up, really nice of her and great opportunity to surf a girl at this day! She wanted to surf with a girl and she is a beginner like me. She had a rent car, a suv ... there were two boards already inside, the third board (my) came in ... lucky all three boards fit in a suv but had to hide myself in back haha. Back to Kewalo and we were so ready to surf with boys together. Kewalo has a long rock wall, it is little too awkward to get in water from rock wall. We tried to find way to go into water. I made it ... I was in water and she gave my and her boards over. Boards were then in water with me, she came in water also. we started to paddling. Somehow me looked back and saw some blood on my foot. My first thought was, just a little cut off which ain't bad cos didn't feel anything. But in fact it's fucking deep ... a hole, the first layer of skin is cut off :( had to paddle back and wasn't sure if skin was grazed or just a cut. The wound was so opened, some people saw me and helped me cleaning dirt off and binded my foot with bandage. Bad luck, didn't have my mobile phone with me ... but lucky there were Akiko and Jared who borrowed me his mobile phone. Trey was working so that his parents came immediately. We went to private ER and got anesthetic injection ... about ten times injected, direct in my wound ... ehhh. But I survived ;-) had a nice doctor who is a surfer also, where wound happened is her fav spot. Funny? But funniest is Trey got cuts in his feet last two weeks ... and I am next. Weird happen? Maybe a test for us? Got nice color bandage :D now I have to rest lots and I am already-ready to surf more! Here some pictures :)))

P.S.: I hope will have my $104.08 from my insurance back!

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  1. �� a surfing doc?!? this is hilarious! get well soon, dear stephi. love your blog. keep us posted!!!