Mar 9, 2015

project 365: days 56-68

Monday, March 09, 2015 Posted by Stephanie from Alohallo , , No comments
56: Stop by Surf Store Downing 

57: Little promotion for Workshop28

58: After work on way to bus stop

59: Meeting at Blue Tree Cafe

60: Saturday Fun at Waimanalo Beach with friends

61: Our apartment, always love their colors!

62: After interview at USCIS, got a cupcake from Hokulani Bake Shop

63: After TB Test and before bill at State Capitol, explored around downtown. Found that amazing view at YMCA

64: Very Berry Macaron from Cakeworks, so delicious and berryish!

65: Rainbow, Rainbow and Rainbow!

66: Love the Maps from iLikeMaps, we have maps of Munich, Honolulu and Tokyo for our apartment

67: Mission failed.

68: Honolulu Festival Fire Works were SO amazing, more about it here


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