Sep 30, 2013

world travel: Surfing in Miyazaki

Monday, September 30, 2013 Posted by Stephanie from Alohallo , No comments
Surfing is big part of our travel, we are trying to surf lots as possible. In Japan we surfed in Miyazaki. We really enjoyed surfing time there. We rented boards from shop surf3, people from surf3 are really nice - they borrowed us their towels (we forgot to bring our own towels). Our friend Natsuki Yokote, a female professional body boarder from Japan, is sponsored by surf3 .

We surfed at this spot twice. Once at afternoon and next day in the early morning before Natsuki heads to work. Its so blessed to surf during sunrise. One of most beautiful sunrise ever and it was our first proper sunrise seen in Japan. Waves were around 2-3 ft., not really big but fun!

Surfers and locals didn't show any bad attitudes, we felt comfortable to be with them. Waves were easy to catch and we didn't need to paddle lots from beach to spots. Thats really nice. One odd thing is jellyfishes! They 'bite' us, we could feel our skins being stung like bee but lots lighter than bee of course :) there are plenty waves (right and left!). Water isn't clear like in Hawaii but didn't bother us. Wish could see jellyfishes swam with us. To access to this beach you need car and there is a bathroom with shower facility (maybe more than one, didn't pay attention).


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