Oct 28, 2012

World Travel: Tsunami warnings

Sunday, October 28, 2012 Posted by Stephanie from Alohallo No comments
Aloha family, friends and people! Hawai'i is safe after Tsunami warnings. Here I am going to share my experience. Last evening dressed up for Halloween party in Chinatown and friend's birthday party in Waikiki. Left home at around 7pm and headed to Chinatown. 

There were bunch of cool customes and shows then left for Waikiki for Brien's Birthday. On way to Waikiki, we got a text message of a friend as he said there will be Tsunami. At first we thought it was a joke, we texted other friends and checked news online. It wasn't a joke! News said Tsunami will arrive at around 10:30 pm, at this time we had 8pm. We still headed to Waikiki for seeing friends for short moment. We checked roads, people, shops ... nothing, no weird reactions but later we found out some stores closed and people were using their phones lots ... traffic was starting worse.

We decided to leave for home, it was around short before 9pm. Bad luck, we stucked in traffic ... moved hardly, a lot of people started to heading to higher grounds. From Waikiki to our apt, it should take around less than 15 minutes. In traffic I started feeling nervous and kept thinking of getting of car and walking home. But we tried to stay in craar, much later we got out of traffic and arrived home at around 10pm. 

It took almost one hour from Waikiki to our apt! Waiting for some breaking news, watching news ... after 10:30 pm, no bad happens ... but found out some small waves from tsunami already hit islands. we were still awake but later at around midnight, we decided to sleep. Next day, today ... a normal day but it was a new experience and glad nothing bad happens! 

Hope there will be not bad happen in east coast where will expect a hurriance.


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